Comic Review: Kick-A$$ 2

    By, Danial Yusuf If you’re a fan of action and senseless violence then this is the comic for you, although I recommend checking out the first comic or watching the first movie to understand the plot beforehand. I do not recommend this to people who are afraid of blood as it is full […]

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Confessions of a marcher….

By Sean Ng. It is once again that time of the year where the kings and queens of sports (okay maybe that was a hyperbole :3) come together to compete healthily in our annual Sports Day. Over the past month I have witnessed many great moments of practice and preparation for the day and probably […]

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By Venessa Wong Assessments are always a pain in the neck. With no set examination time, students often get a mini heart attack when they realise they have an exam that very day and they HAVE NOT studied. This leads to chaos, insanity and a little idiocy, with all the cramming and self-bashing that is […]

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Beautiful Creatures – Review

By Kayley Loo Cast: Alden Ehrenrich as Ethan Wate Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes Jeremy Irons as Macon Ravenwood Viola Davis as Amma Director: Richard LaGravenese Writers: Richard LaGravenes(Screenplay) Kami Garcia, Margaret Stoh Summary: Ethan Wate longs to get out of his little Southern town called Gatlin, South Carolina. All of that changes when he […]

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