Year 10 & 11 Trip To Les Miserables

By, Venessa Wong

Les Miserables, was a show reputed for having loads of singing and dying. So it was kind of ‘Oh joy! We are going to watch Les Miss!’ Notice the sarcasm. It did not help either that ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ was played so many times in class. Or that certain friends would sing along to it endlessly, even promising to delight us with their singing prowess in the cinema theatre.

I even overhead the boys in the row in front of me suggesting they would cry during the movie, so that the girls would feel touched.

However, the opening scene was so impactful. The relentless waves, the hopelessness felt by the prisoners or the anger of being a marked man for his whole life. The close-ups when the characters were singing were a little uncomfortable though. Do we really need to see how wide their mouths can open? The scene where one character was walking along a high ledge and singing was so cool! Although the next time he did it, he jumped.

Even though this was a rather emotional movie, there was also reason for laughter. However most of the amusing one-liners are either crude or a running gag. So I shall not try to explain or risk it being censored. And some things should not be considered funny since it plays on the misfortune of certain characters. But I still laugh anyway.

Some boys even started clapping (the very same sitting in front of me), halfway through the movie, probably mistaking it for the end. It is likely due to the fact our teachers have mentioned it to be a movie that people actually clapped at the end.

There were certain ‘Huh?’ moments in the movie though. Why does she suddenly die? Is she that pretty? Why did he continue crawling forward instead of going back to the barricade? Wait, why are the all the dead characters suddenly singing again? Is that really the end? That is just sad.

All in all, this was a really great movie; the emotions and angst experienced by the characters ever so well emoted through their singing. There was hardly any dialogue, just characters singing. Yet, I really enjoyed it and would not mind sitting through it again.



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