By Venessa Wong

Assessments are always a pain in the neck. With no set examination time, students often get a mini heart attack when they realise they have an exam that very day and they HAVE NOT studied. This leads to chaos, insanity and a little idiocy, with all the cramming and self-bashing that is going on. Then with this crazy immense pressure on themselves, they take their assessment. In a sub-zero classroom, supposedly in which cool climates enhances mind proficiency. Lies, I tell you, lies.

Therefore, when the students get back their test results, it naturally would be bad. However, things in life (and school) aren’t always that simple; it likes to mess with you. So, subjects that you expected to be really tough ended up easy and easy subjects ended up tough! And the marks are all over the place; one high one low, it is madness.

However, sometimes things like this makes you wonder, ‘Should it really be like this?’ An assessment is supposed to gauge a person’s understanding of a certain subject. In fact, what is actually assessed instead is the ability of students to cram an insane amount of knowledge in the shortest period of time possible! For others, it is the ability to lie through their way with what little they actually remember. Of course this is not applicable to every student, there are some who genuinely have been consistent in theirs studies.

I am not trying to say that assessments are the work of the devil and should be abolished. The point that I am driving at is that we stress out too much about our assessments. We should just take the assessment as it is. This, at the same time, is not an excuse to take it easy and simply answer; a balance has to be made.



One thought on “Assessments

  1. From a teacher’s point of view, an assessment should be less tedious.It should be a small assessment at the end of every topic to gauge how well understanding of a student is. Assessment today has been misused I feel by having big monthly test and exams. A continuous assessment is a must but I think it should be just an assessment and not a huge test. I do agree that assessment should not be abolished, because assessment is one good way to see the ability of the students’ understanding in a particular topic in a subject. And yes, kudos to you for pointing out that assessment is just like any other exercise. Don’t worry about it, if you understand what’s happening – you will do fine. If you don’t – then the teacher and student has to do something about it 🙂

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