MSSD Basketball Competition

Photography: Lim Chun Zhe

By, Jade Wong

Though initially rather nervous that he could not keep up with the standards of the basketballers from the opponent Sri KDU team during the MSSD Basketball competition, our very own member of the basketball team, Brandon Lee soon found that both rivaling schools were on similar levels in terms of skill and playing. This tall 17 year old personally thought that the attitude of the opponent team came across as rather snobbish at the start which understandably, provided the impression of a very strong and experienced team, however, during the course of the game, Brandon was convinced that they were of equal standards. Nobel finished with a fair score of 11-22 after a grueling, sweat-invoking game.

The views on whether there was any biasness shown by the umpire during the game differ within the basketball team. While experienced basketballer Victor Yim thought that it was a fair game void of any biasness, Brandon disagrees and says, “There was a little biasness as most of the fouls were called on us. When the other team was in the wrong, they were not fouled.”

When asked about his opinion on the opponent school, Victor noted that there was “…good teamwork displayed by Sri KDU. It was definitely much better than Nobel’s.” while his fellow member of the team, Yap Zi Feng, shared his candid observation, “TALL. ‘Coz I’m pretty short.” Brandon agrees with Victor and said they could have worked better as a team and that they were not playing the game to their fullest potential.

Photography: Lim Chun Zhe

There was, in fact, a second MSSD game that was supposed to be played on the day after. However, they did not participate in the other match because, according to Alden Kok, they had thought it was not necessary, seeing that they had already lost the first match. The athletically-built basketballer also added, “We were not informed by any sources that we were required to compete on the other day as well.”

The match that took place in the basketball court of SMK Bandar Utama 3 was also home to many unforeseen injuries. Victor came home with a torn knee ligament while Kendrick Song had his ankle wounded following the MSSD game. Though they thought the score was a deserved one, Brandon stated that they could have done more exceptionally if they had communicated better with each other and were not so overconfident.


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