Exam Results: How Did You Do?

By, Venessa Wong

It should have been a glorious return to school and friends after the holidays. But, unfortunately, the occasion was marred only by the evil known as ” EXAMINATION RESULTS”.

Now some students, quite confident  *cough* smartasses *cough* in their capabilities of scoring high marks, were incredibly keen to get their results, but as for the rest of us, these poor confused souls, we had blundered through our exams, quaking in fear as teachers stepped into class bearing a thick stack of graded papers.
Attempts to deliver results usually occur in one of these two ways:
1) The teacher looks on disappointed, seeming to sigh,  while students freeze in their chairs wondering, ‘Did we really do that badly?’ Then, the teacher would flash a brilliant smile, pleased with the effect his/her act made in messing with our minds. The results would prove to be, actually not that bad.
2) The teacher starts off with an attempt to cheer the students up – clearly indicating there had been reasons to weep over the results. Comforting phrases like, ‘This time you did quite well’, ‘It’s your first time taking this paper in such a manner’ or ‘Your class did much better than the other classes’  All of which, flew in and out meaninglessly. The results were still bad anyway! *sobs in corner*
Of course, there were more neutral teachers who returned the exams papers without much comment on the results but these types of situations weren’t that interesting to comment on.
Moving on, the students’ reactions swung between the extremes. There were students that took their results quite seriously, mostly when they realized the foolish errors they made. They moaned and berated themselves for their stupidity. *bangs head on desk* Strangely though, these students were more often than not, the top scorers.

Then, there were students who rejoiced when they successfully managed not to fail their add maths paper (or really any difficult paper)! They grinned proudly and light- heartedly teased their peers who were unlucky enough to fail. The reactions were a little messed up if you think about it…
There was also one other type of student, the one who quietly receives his/her paper, and under NO circumstance should you ever make the mistake of over-pestering him/her about his/her results. This student would sit quietly and answer monotonously, but snap suddenly, unleashing an angry torrent of words – while walking off in a huff at your insensitivity. At the end of it, you’d just end up stunned and confused. What exactly just happened there?

Therefore, I’ve found in most circumstances, it is perhaps best to slip away slowly, and not say a word when “warning signs” begin to appear.
Dramatics aside, remember to take your results with a pinch of salt. It is not the end of the world if you did ‘badly’; just put in a little more effort and hopefully no heads would be injured on desks. Also this is no excuse to slack; do not just brush off your results as nothing- after all it is your responsibility as a student to put in effort in your studies.


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