Student Council Elections: Post-Election Updates & Results

Monday, 17 June 2013

2.00 pm : Polling ends with a 93% voter turnout. The SCEC records 506 out of 538 students voting. Results are expected to be officially released on Friday morning.

4.30 pm: The ballot counting process has been completed by SCEC teachers and the results delivered confidentially to the principal.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

7.54 am : Ms Cynthia, the teacher advisor to the Student Council announces the results to the whole school 3 days early.

Council Committee Members:

  1. President: Chew Wei Zhuen
  2. Vice-president: Ng Kuan Yew
  3. Secretary: Ngei San Wen
  4. Events Coordinator: Yap Hao Wen

Year 7 Level Representatives:

  1. Ngei San Ying
  2.  Natasha Singam

Year 8 Level Representatives:

  1. Joel Wong Wui Ern
  2. Lai Wing Lok

Year 9 Level Representatives:

  1. Nicole Chan
  2. Alexander Corneilius

Year 10 Level Representatives:

  1. Rachel Tan
  2. Sarah Kwai

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