Tis’ but a piece of paper

By, Venessa Wong Upon receiving that flimsy piece of squared paper, I casually glanced at its serial code. I was looking for the so-called lucky or unlucky numbers, not out of superstition mind you, but merely, as a habit formed after years of receiving meal coupons ever since my enrollment in the elementary school. In […]

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Coursework Survival 101!

By, Venessa Wong I stared glumly at the pile of books ahead of me. For the sake of projects and coursework, I now lacked the energy to lift a finger to carry out any academic-associated activities. Why is there no rest for the weary? After a gruelling sleepless week of typing the script in preparation […]

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We are pleased to inform that Issue 2 of The Excalibur has been released. Due to some difficulties, Issue 1 will only be released at the end of the year, as part of the magazine. Click on the link below to view or download. THE EXCALIBUR_ISSUE 2

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Presenting…The Half-Blood Prince

By, Tan Zhue Ser The following post contains Harry Potter references. On the 23rd of July, Catherine Middleton, a commoner and Prince William, a true blue royal introduced to the world, the Half-Blood Prince. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, emerged from St. Mary’s Hospital with their (now third in […]

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T-B or Not T-B?

Nobel International School was struck with two cases of TB (Tuberculosis) recently when one student was hospitalized on Sunday. However, both cases did not occur at the same time. One of the students has since returned to school after an observation period and has since been cleared by doctors. The second student, has been diagnosed […]

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By, Jade Wong Dominating the tween to teen girls of the present – the notorious THIGH GAPS. Featured on almost all the superficial glossy covers of fashion magazines, this absurdity is the most recent “trend” which has so many young women globally greedily running after it trying to achieve this vain conformity. Don’t get me […]