By, Jade Wong

Dominating the tween to teen girls of the present – the notorious THIGH GAPS. Featured on almost all the superficial glossy covers of fashion magazines, this absurdity is the most recent “trend” which has so many young women globally greedily running after it trying to achieve this vain conformity. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a sin to want to look pretty but it does become increasingly risky when you start defining your beauty through the size of the empty cavity between your thighs.

Beauty, as they say, is only skin deep, but how beautiful can you get when there is nothing but a dew drop shaped crevice in between your thighs? I spoke to five girls and all of them voiced that barfing up your breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as starving yourself is absolutely repulsive, not to mention unhealthy and life-endangering. Ironically enough, out of the five I spoke to, all but one found thigh gaps to be something desirable, although they are usually only achieved by the aforementioned methods. Anna*, who is 15, even enlightened me on the size of her thigh gap. “3 and a half inches!” she quipped. I can only hope she was kidding.

The young ladies I interviewed argued that they wanted to make themselves more appealing to the opposite gender when I explained to them the dangers of hungrily pursuing thigh gaps, so I spoke to a few guys on this issue. When asked whether a thigh gap made a girl more attractive, Nicholas* said, “Well, at first sight, I wouldn’t look for a thigh gap, so the answer is no.” Both Jeremy* and Jonathan* said that they preferred girls who ate healthily rather than one who was anorexic or bulimic. “After all, I want a girl who can whip up a smashing meal for me, not one who eats nothing but salads!” a very candid Jeremy joked. Daniel* also added in his own two cents that “I doubt guys would check out a girl so thoroughly especially near the bum. Besides, it’s not a really prominent gap so I don’t take notice of it.”

What scares me is that now, with open access to social networks and photo sharing sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook, girls as young as ten are exposed to this preposterous fad and willingly starve themselves to skin and bone to achieve the ludicrous thigh gap. Vogue and Glamour aren’t exactly helping either. Whether or not you have a thigh gap does not depend on your weight. On the contrary, it is based on the structure of your pelvis and the way your body is built. Each and every one of us is born in our own unique way. Just as how some people have pointier ears, higher nose bridges or thicker lips than others, some people were born to have thigh gaps while others just have a different body frame.

So girls, don’t fret or fear about the lack of your thigh gap. Remember, you are uniquely made, specially crafted by God and there is not one person out of the other 6,999,999,999 people in the world who looks like you. You are perfect in that skin of yours. No thigh gap, no problem! 🙂

*Not their real names


2 thoughts on “NO THIGH GAP, NO PROBLEM

  1. I get your concern and where you are coming from, but what about those of us ladies who have wider hips and start seeing thigh gaps with bmis as high as 24? You don’t necessarily need to be underweight to have a thigh gap a lot of it just has to do with your natural bone structure (I’ve got wider hips) and body shape (I’m sure if you’re a pear and carry more of your fat in your thighs then a thigh gap Will be harder to achieve). An eating disorder isn’t a diet or even necessarily a choice. They are a mental illness and have been linked to brain chemistry and even a different physical structure in the brain. I am 22 years old and struggled with disordered eating since I was a child and body dysmorphic disorder since I was about 10. I cut one specific food out of my diet and am now finally able to accurately perceive the amount of space I inhabit in the universe. I’m not going to say which food though because I don’t want anyone taking my comment and trying to self medicate. I made this change with my doctor’s approval and supervision. While some girls see these images and it influences them, not every person with an eating disorder started off doing it as a diet to lose weight. My disordered eating began when the only media influence in my life was Sesame Street and Arthur. I didn’t start comparing my body to anyone else’s until years after my disordered eating began. So please have some respect and understand that an eating disorder is not to be blamed on some skinny model… Every individual with an eating disorder experiences their disorder within their own unique perception of reality. No two ed patients will 100% have the exact same experience.

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