Coursework Survival 101!

By, Venessa Wong

I stared glumly at the pile of books ahead of me. For the sake of projects and coursework, I now lacked the energy to lift a finger to carry out any academic-associated activities. Why is there no rest for the weary? After a gruelling sleepless week of typing the script in preparation of the Senior School Concert, I was hit by another deadline called ICT coursework.

Yes, yes rather ‘simple’ coursework where Year 10 students (taking ICT) have to prepare an Excel guidebook. However, this has led to students sitting in front of their computers – entering data in Excel, print screening, pasting, cropping, formatting, typing a few choice instructions repeatedly. This was a torturous process where every single step of the way had to be demonstrated with images.

There was a certain unnamed student however who accomplished this feat in NINETEEN pages. This news was received with a certain amount of suspicion. Most students took almost 80+ pages while another student reached the 80 mark while only halfway through the coursework.


Students took desperate measures in attempts to escape the wrath of Ms Kerry – who I assure you, is a wonderful teacher, and like most teachers, simply believes in punctuality when submitting assignments (Perhaps 10B has this knack of infuriating teachers; not all the time of course).

Moving on, students faced severe sleep deprivation in hopes of completing.. well we were a little lazy in starting in the first place, *cough* Alas this was not meant to be due to the confusion of deadlines (10B students thought they had three days left, but later found out that they had only one).

Some students decided to miss school; using that additional few hours to complete their work. *cough*Which I may or may not have engaged in*cough* Oh wait… I may have completely gone off track here.

The message I am attempting to convey here is the sad life of attempting to cope with the amount of work (both personal and school). It is definitely a struggle. However, we need to learn to cope with more responsibilities with what time we have. Listed below are the few ways that may help in the completion of schoolwork:

1. Set aside all distractions
You’ll be surprised how much time is taken up whenever you decide to browse social media sites instead of completing your work. It also breaks your momentum, making it harder to concentrate on the task at hand.

2. Have a To-do list
Know exactly how much work is to be done and how far have you achieved.

3. Just get started
The hardest part is from doing nothing to doing something. However, after 15 minutes of engaging with the task, you’ll find it’s pretty hard to stop; so get started!

4. Approach each task in small intervals
A huge project seems less daunting if you break it up into easier to manage intervals.


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