Too much publicity… AGAIN?!?

The article below was originally published on The Star Online ( No copyright infringement is intended. 

PETALING JAYA: An Internet blog has been posting names and pictures of young Malaysian girls – many of them minors – believed to have been taken without their consent.

Over the past several days, users of Facebook have been sharing the link, which bears the description “a collection of young Malaysian girls”.

The blog compiles pictures of young girls, many whom appear to be minors, with tags such as “sweet young thing”, “teen girl” and “chio bu” (Hokkien for ‘pretty lass’) together with compilations of racy pictures and links to other websites.

The pictures are believed to have been taken from other Internet sources such as personal blogs and social networking sites.

Netizens have called for the blog to be to shut down, with some expressing their anger and concern in finding pictures of acquaintances there.

User Louise Tan said that “…no one’s profile photo, even if public, should be turned into someone’s stalker material”.

To which Cassendrah Alexander replied; “THAT BLOG IS JUST DISGUSTING!!! Whoever created that is just sick in the head!”

Those who found pictures of acquaintances on the blog were shocked.

Cassandra @LohZiSan said “Dear God , @XXXXis on one of the stupid Malaysian girl blog thing. stupid human who created this shit?”

Similarly, Jasong Ong@jasononny tweeted “So saddening to find @XXXX in blog.

Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said parents should play a role to ensure that their children do not share too many pictures of themselves online.

“It is good to like photography and share it with friends. But once someone posts something online it is public.

“We cannot stop it from going viral and there is no privacy anymore,” she said when contacted Sunday.

“We also cannot ban our children from using the Internet, but I think it is better to advise and reason with them,” she added.

A check by The Star Online revealed that some of the pictures were taken from their respective blogs or social media sites like Facebook and Tumbler.

Most of the profiles had privacy settings that were set too low.

One of the girls whose picture was posted on the blog said she had been receiving many messages from friends.

“I have no idea who the blogger is and how he got my old pictures from Facebook, as my previous privacy settings were rather tight.

“However, with creeps like this, there is no stopping them. The only thing I can do for now is report the blog and pray that it will be taken down soon,” she said.

She added it is easy for anyone to gain access to online information, and people should not upload or share private pictures.

“My parents are well aware of the situation and are very supportive of me at this time.

“They are unable to do anything, but I am just glad that they understand my situation,” she said.

Another girl said the fact that an unknown person had photos of her made her feel like she was being stalked.

“I understand that the pictures aren’t private. However I am sure it is against the law for him to pick these pictures and post them in a blog,” she said.

She added that her parents were aware of it and did not blame her for what had transpired.

“They are (understandably) worried and are hoping authorities will look into the situation and take this blog down as soon as possible,” she said.

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