Oh holidays, when shall it end?

By Sean Ng,

We go to school, open our books, receive lots of homework and tell ourselves, “Aiyooo, can’t wait for holidays lah! Then no need to study!”. After roughly 10 and a half months of school, we finally get our year-end break, the holidays we have seemingly wanted and talked about so much. Sure, the first few weeks of the holidays is filled with joy and momentary celebration of our long awaited freedom. We organize outings, parties, trips, and we sit at home, finally with the time to sit down, a cup of coffee in hand, and finish that Wattpad novel or spend hours and days engaging in virtual combat with fellow gamers on some MMORPG (Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game) or for the old-school boys, run/drive (or probably crash if your driving’s pretty bad) around an imaginary town in Grand Theft Auto V.


After that, we find ourselves lost, unsure of what to do. Days are spent (or rather wasted) just scrolling through the endless news feed of Facebook to discover what Tom, Dick and Harry received for their Christmas present or what they ate for lunch. If you have some sense of righteousness and conscience, you might find yourself actually studying for that big exam that’s coming up next year, on your own will, an act that you would consider taboo during the normal school term. Christmas becomes a short-lived occasion and after that you’re left with nothing to do but to commit the biggest act of ironical nature, so big that you deserve being studied as a literary device in English Lit.

You tell yourself, “Aiyooo, can’t wait for school to start! Holidays are so boring!

The Homo sapien (Hey! I studied Bio!)  is truly hard to understand. Do we hate school? No. Do we hate the holidays? No. It just seems that we hate having nothing fun to do, irregardless of the season. The long holidays can be both a blessing and a curse. It really depends on how you choose to spend it. Don’t hate on school and don’t hate on the holidays. They’re innocent! 

So next time you get bored in school or during the holidays, don’t become an irony.  Be politically correct and say, “Aiyooo, can’t wait for the ‘fun-time’ to start lah! This ‘boring-time’ is so boring!” (See! No discrimination!)

(The opinions expressed in this article are entirely the writer’s individual opinions. This article does not represent the opinions or moral values of The Nobel Excalibur and its affiliated parties. The writer does not disagree with the fact that there are people who have more fun during their holidays. No discrimination towards literary devices and bad GTA drivers is intended. )


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