Frozen (Movie Review)

By Jade Wong, STAHP IT. STAHP IT. For the last time, NO. I do NOT want to build a stupid snowman. And NO. Not even if it’s “really cold outside”. Beg me one more time and I will SCREAM. If you haven’t been asked if you want to build a snowman on social media through […]

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Divergent (Book Review)

By Venessa Wong, There are many Young Adult novels with romance as a strong subplot. However, the male and female protagonists’ behaviour towards each other sometimes leaves you simply wondering ‘What kind of mental damage do they have?’ The whole ‘saw you with another girl/guy quarrel and disagreement’ or ‘misunderstanding each other over little matters’ […]

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Sign Up For Editorial Board!

The Editorial Board (also known as The Excalibur) is the body in charge of all news publications in school be it the newsletter or the online blog. We meet every Thursday, 3pm-5pm! Do join us for an opportunity of a lifetime! We are offering the following positions:  1)Journalists 2)Photographers 3)Layout Artists 4)Graphic Artists 5) Head […]

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