Sign Up For Editorial Board!

The Editorial Board (also known as The Excalibur) is the body in charge of all news publications in school be it the newsletter or the online blog. We meet every Thursday, 3pm-5pm! Do join us for an opportunity of a lifetime!

We are offering the following positions: 



3)Layout Artists

4)Graphic Artists

5) Head of Design & Layout

6) Deputy Head of Design & Layout

How to register: 

1) Go to our careers page to check out the description and requirements of the job you’re interested in.

2) Log in through the Parents Portal on the school website to register your CCA. (

3) Select ‘Editorial Board’ from the list of CCA.

4) Come for the interview on Tuesday, 1pm-3pm!

Details for the Interview Process:

1) Tuesday, 1pm-3pm

2) Location: Library

3) Prepare a simple resume containing your contact details, description about yourself, recent exam results and previous work experience (if any), and email it to before the interview to speed up the interview process!


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