Book Review – Ravenwood

  By ‘Anya’   A Dendran proverb: Stay on the wood, as it should.                                   Step off the tree, end of thee.  Ark is a Dendran plumber’s boy who overhears a sinister plot to destroy his home; all while standing deep in golden squit. (You definitely know what this is. Think of a similar sounding word for […]

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Bullying Gone Wild

By Chan Hao Ting, Has anyone read the news on a 13-year-old, T. Kavinraj, whom his bullies had driven him to commit suicide by drinking insecticide? Or how about another case in which a 15-year-old school boy cut his arm using a paper cutter after a classmate allegedly cut his hair? As the world grows […]

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Have you got low self-esteem?

By Jasmine Lee, Many teenagers these days have a low self-esteem. What is a low self-esteem, you may ask? Low self-esteem is when a person has a lack of confidence to do something or think negatively about themselves. “I’m too short”, “I’m too fat” and “If only I were taller/smarter/more confident/had long hair/curly hair, I’d […]

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Movie Review : Robocop

By Ken Kuah, The much-anticipated remake of the Robocop 1987 recently hit our cinemas again last month, and has been on the receiving end of tons of negative criticisms as well as compliments from those who thoroughly enjoyed the original Robocop film. However, how would the view of a person – someone who has never […]

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