Adventure truly ‘caves’ in

By Sean Ng, Caving, or more formally known as ‘spelunking’, was one such activity that I would have never done on my own accord as you know *coughs* I’m just not that kind of an outdoor-person. So when I first found out about the Year 11 field trip’s destination, I was pretty excited to see […]

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Sticky Paper That Changed The World

By Anya, For over 40 years, we have been seeing thousands and thousands of yellow sticky pieces of paper stuck to walls, book pages, posters, newspapers, the inside of dormitories, etc. Though Post-It notes were created by chance, it has helped people to be more creative, communicate through a new medium and express themselves better. […]

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Existential Crisis

By Venessa Wong, As I desperately attempt to correct and edit my work for the Excalibur blog and do my Literature homework (see Mr Matthew I AM making an effort, no matter how far back I seem to be), I am suddenly struck by the thought – Why am I doing this? No one is […]

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