[WIN TWO FREE GSC MOVIE PASSES!] Student Council Radio Contest

UPDATE: This competition has ended. 

Would you be interested in winning TWO GSC movie vouchers to ANY movie you like by completing a super simple task?! Would you like your hard work to be broadcasted to everyone in the school nearly every day? If your answers to the questions above are yes, please read on!

The Student Council is proud to be announcing its first ever competition in naming the ‘radio’ and so it would like to invite all students of Nobel International to be a part of this competition. Take note that the phrase ‘radio’ is being used and not a specific name! Your job is to name the radio!

The competition is really simple. All you would have to do is send an email to nisradio2014@gmail.comwith your name, class and chosen name for the radio by the 30th of March. Your entry would be judged by the entire Student Council and if you win, you would receive the two vouchers!


Name : Student Council

Class : 11H

Suggested Name:


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