[BREAKING NEWS] Results for 1500m Finals & Long Jump Finals

These are the results for the finals that were held in Kompleks Sukan Belia, Kg. Pandan earlier this morning. Heng Leanne completed an incredible feat by competing in the Under 17 at the age of 13 and managing to score the best time (7:14) in the whole Under 17 category, both male and female.

1500m (Male) – Under 17 

1st place: CHEW WEI ZHUEN (Homerun)

2nd place: TIMOTHY OON (Slamdunk)

3rd place: CALEB CHEN (Homerun)

1500m (Female) – Under 17

1st place: HENG LEANNE (Touchdown)

2nd place: EVELYN CHUA (Bullseye)

3rd place: SARAH NG (Touchdown)

1500m (Male) – Under 15

1st place: FOO CHUAN SER (Homerun)

2nd place: NITTESHVARAN SGR (Slamdunk)

3rd place: JONATHAN ONG (Bullseye)

1500m (Female) – Under 15

1st place: HONG EN ENG (Touchdown)

2nd place: SABRINA QISTINA (Bullseye)

3rd place: DEANNA LEE (Bullseye)

Heng Leanne in action.


Long Jump (Male) – Under 17

1st place: KENDRICK MOI (Touchdown)

2nd place: JUSTIN GAN (Homerun)

3rd place: GASTON LAI (Slamdunk)

Long Jump (Female) – Under 17

1st place: EMILY LIEW (Bullseye)

2nd place: CHIN SHU XUAN (Homerun)

3rd place: SHANNON TAN (Slamdunk)

Long Jump (Male) – Under 15

1st place: AIDAN TAN (Slamdunk)

2nd place: LEE JEARN CHIAN (Homerun)

3rd place: VICTOR YIM (Homerun)

Long Jump (Female) – Under 15

1st place: DEANNA LEE (Bullseye)

2nd place: TONG SUET-YI (Homerun)

3rd place: JADE LEE (Homerun)

Long Jump (Male) – Under 13

1st place: LIM WENCES (Touchdown)

2nd place: SEAN MARK (Bullseye)

3rd place: BRENDAN CHEAH (Slamdunk)

Long Jump (Female) – Under 13

1st place: PRUDENCE WONG (Bullseye)

2nd place: CASSANDRA DANIAL MORGAN (Touchdown)

3rd place: RENEE KOH (Bullseye)







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