[BREAKING NEWS] Results for High Jump Finals & Shot Put Finals – Under 17

These are the results for the finals that were held in the courtyard and futsal court earlier this morning. Kendrick Moi from Touchdown broke the school high jump record of 1.53m with his personal record of 1.67m. Moi’s competition record was 1.60m and he later tried for a personal best of 1.67m. In fact, all three male high jump athletes broke the school record but Moi emerged the victor.

Note: These are the results for Under 17 only.

High Jump (Male)

1st place: KENDRICK MOI (Touchdown)

2nd place: JUSTIN GAN (Homerun)

3rd place: BRIAN ONG (Bullseye)

High Jump (Female)

1st place: SABRINA KON (Bullseye)

2nd place: KIMBERLY CHEW (Slamdunk)

3rd place: SARAH KWAI (Slamdunk)

Kendrick Moi
Sabrina Kon


Shot Put (Male)

1st place: BRIAN ONG (Bullseye)

2nd place: LEE YU JIN (Touchdown)

3rd place: ISAAC LEE (Homerun)

Shot Put (Female)

1st place: NGEI SAN WEN (Homerun)

2nd place: CHIA YAN XUAN (Touchdown)

3rd place: CARMENN KAU (Bullseye)

Brian Ong
Brian Ong

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