Year 9 Field Trip – SkyTrex

By Heng Yi Long,

When I was still in school on March 11th and was about to board the bus to go to SkyTrex, I thought that the courses were not going to be hard. Well, I thought they would be hard but not THAT hard. When I was on the bus, everyone was scared and I just thought to myself “How hard can this SkyTrex be?” I am not afraid of heights and I love heights actually. So I thought that I would have been fine.


When we reached the destination, the instructors greeted us and proceeded to the activities as soon as possible since we didn’t have much time. Sadly, my class was chosen as the class to do the mini games first because there weren’t enough courses for all the classes to go. My class was divided into groups of four and we had to play all sorts of fun mini games to earn points. In the end the group that has most points wins. The winner for my class was Clash of Clans, also known as C.o.C.



After the mini games, one of the instructors led us to the training course. I thought to myself “Wow, the training course itself looks quite hard, maybe the real course is as hard as people say.” The instructor was explaining to us on how we should use the climbing gear and then we tried out the training course and got used to the climbing gear. After the training course we were brought to the big trail since another class was using the extreme trail.


The big trail started off with a really long ladder heading towards the platform. I immediately thought to myself “Is this the ladder to heaven?” The ladder was so high that when I was climbing it, my hands already felt so weak. After the really long ladder, we had to walk through a weaved rope to the next platform, my leg got caught in the hole quite a few times which was really scary, you get the sensation as if you are going to fall down. When you reached the platform, you get to choose a path. The path that leads to the next platform by flying fox or the path that needs you to walk on PVC pipes. Being the lazy person I am, I took the flying fox. There were many other obstacles that were terrifying but after awhile I got used to it.



At the end of the course, there was a road to lead us back to the gathering point. When I reached the gathering point, the first thing I was looking for was water. I was so thirsty that I chugged down a big bottle of water without stopping. There was also food and deserts on the table, which tasted so good. After that, my classmates and I wanted to do the extreme trail but sadly, there wasn’t enough time. The teachers did a count to see whether all the students were there and we headed to the bus and went back to school. I never thought that Sky Trex would be that hard but in the end of the day I had loads of fun.


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