As I neared the toilet door, I was suspicious and curious at the same time. What surprises would await me in the toilet? Stepping in, the floor was drier than normal so I thought to myself, “Oh, wow, that’s a good sign!”, but then I realised that it’s probably because THERE WAS NO WATER TO WET THE TOILET WITH. Silly Sean.

I didn’t sniff around-I didn’t dare to. As I was approaching cubicle no.4, I saw my friend backing away from the adjacent cubicle after taking a look at it. “Is it bad?” I asked him as I swung open the door of no. 4. Before I heard his reply, what had been seen could no longer be unseen.

“Okay, I’m going to just pee at home” I told myself as I made a hasty escape.

This folks, is exactly what has become of our toilets after just 2 days of the taps running dry.

After 2 months of being part of the water rationing exercise introduced by the state government to counter critical dam levels, Nobel has finally completely run out of water yesterday which seemed apparent when the canteen began using disposable foodware to conserve water for cooking.

The state of the toilets, as you might have gathered from my short introduction, has been affected the most with a student population of over 500 sharing just three main washrooms.

A student who I interviewed today told me that he was stuck in the toilets today alongside 3 other students. Puzzled, I asked him, “Why? It’s not like the doors were locked.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that I went into the toilet, did my peeing and then I came out to realise that there was no water to wash my hands.” he said, recounting his horror. I shall not disclose whether he found a solution to his problem but suffice to say, he got out.

His other companions found it difficult to change, with some cubicles emitting foul stenches and others having unsightly ‘scenery’.

Another student shared his ingenious method of washing his hands by rubbing the bottom of the tap to get whatever water that’s left in the pipes to come out.

This is precisely why The Nobel Excalibur suggests that you settle your unfinished deeds at home(for your sake). If the need arises and you have to use the school toilet, please be civic-conscious and get a scoop of water from those large containers outside to flush the toilet. I am certain that other students would not want to see whatever that remains of you. Do be considerate make an effort to keep the toilets clean for everyone to use.

Meanwhile, wet tissues and hand sanitizing solution might also be helpful substitutes of water to maintain the cleanliness of your hands (which may be used to high five your friend).

As the rationing is a 2 day on and 2 day off thing, hopefully, the water supply shall be restored tomorrow. In the meantime, stop being selfish and start scooping water!



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