Of Monsters and Men: Musik Drauma

Written by: Anya The first thing you feel when you listen to one of the songs from the six person Icelandic band is nostalgia. They were formed less than half a decade ago in 2010 and after winning a local music competition called Músiktilraunir, they got immediate recognition worldwide. The band’s members compose of leading […]

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The Reality Of Depression

Year 11 boys’ CT session with Mr Steve & Mr Chan  It was just like an ordinary Thursday, after my ICT class and as usual, Year 11 students had their Character Transformation (CT) session. We were assuming that today’s talk would be regarding issues faced by separate genders, which was why boys and girls were […]

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Run, Jump, Fly

By: Anya You guys ever wondered why athletes get so excited when they get called out of the classroom, maybe to get a notice for the upcoming competition? Why they show off in front of everybody when they can? Why they are the first to reach the field? In story form, I’ll tell you exactly what […]

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