Run, Jump, Fly

By: Anya

You guys ever wondered why athletes get so excited when they get called out of the classroom, maybe to get a notice for the upcoming competition? Why they show off in front of everybody when they can? Why they are the first to reach the field?

In story form, I’ll tell you exactly what goes on in many of the athletes’ heads and why they love running or jumping or playing ball so much.

Seeing the track, runners call to each other and immediately start to warm up together. Jumpers run to the high jump equipment and fall on it, smelling the mattresses that stink of sweat and grime. Enduring hours upon hours of gruelling training, they tough it out for the sake of their sport. Why?

For one, in the middle of pungent socks, training jerseys and dirt-filled hair, there lays freedom. Freedom from schoolwork, freedom from their problems, freedom from the reality we live in, freedom to run, jump and fly.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this.



99% of it is just because I want you to know why whenever athletes say that they’re pooped and feeling like they want to quit, they never mean it. Quitting isn’t an option for them. The other 1% (obviously) is to convince you to take up some kind of sport, any kind of sport you like: if it’s not too expensive, of course.

I’ve, as an athlete and not a journalist, have experienced first-hand the joys of sport. I’m not talking about physically, because I don’t exactly have a killer body. I’m talking about its positive mental effects on me. Through running, I’ve learnt to forget everyone around me, stop being so self-conscious and just run. To understand this, you have to know that any sane athlete can tell you that if you look at other competitors when you’re running, you’ll slow down and anybody can overtake you. The rule’s more or less the same in the real world.

Through jumping, and I DON’T mean off a helicopter, I’m not confined to the ground. I’m free to fly how high I was willing to go. Height (=how you’re perceived in society) isn’t an importance to me. Every single competition I go to, I’m always the shortest.

In the beginning, I always complained about how I was so short, how I’d never be able to be like those high jumpers in the Olympics and blah blah blah, but I came to realise that I would never be like them because I was me. I have my own reasons for high-jumping, I have my own Personal Bests, as in my own records. I have my own style of jumping and I have my own partner-in-crime to help me tough it out in the dreariest of times. 🙂 I have my own height and I’m proud of the Shorty-pants I am.

Those athletes you see who love their sport give their all for it; train for weeks and years because they know that at the end of it, the sweet taste of, not victory, but freedom is the sweetest taste in the world.With that, ladies and gentlemen, I conclude my narrative. Now you know why they, or in some of your cases: we, love sports. It’s not the attention; it’s not the fame; it’s not the privileges. It’s the joy of being able to run, jump and fly.


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