What To Expect Out Of The Blog This Year! (we’re sorry)

Note: Long Post

For the active readers of the blog, Were sorry for the dry spell that occurred on the past few months on the site and how it has been quite a mess in terms of the blogs organization and its content, and we want to apologize to you (The Readers) of lack of content and bad layout that has been plaguing the site for the past few years where the blog has been up and running.

For those curious on why the site has been in such a condition, One of the major reasons is the fact that the blog is being under-looked by the school and the “Nobel Excalibur” team and the lack of content that had driven the blog to a dump of “Possible quality content”. With a new year, I’m committed to be taking the site up a notch in terms of quality and that we can reach out to more people and to not let the site to be left to dust.

In the beginning, the blog was intended for the students of Nobel International School to keep up with updates and articles of the school’s monthly magazine and a creative platform for Nobel Internationals Editorial Board. But It has since grew into something much bigger and it’s funny how most of the content on the site is viewed by the public and only a small portion of our content is viewed by the students.

Learning from the past mistakes and finally taking the site up another notch in terms of our priority and quality of content, we want to make this site the best it has ever been and of course never letting our readers down again. 😦

Leaving the Depressing Part behind…….

The first major change in the blog? The layout 🙂

The old layout had been an eyesore for you (the readers) and me (The Admin), I desperately wanted to change it to avoid more people to tear up looking at the flashy blue theme we had in the past. With the new layout, featured articles pop up neatly at the top of the page and older articles scroll down effortlessly like butter with a scroll or a tap on the arrow keys.

The Second? The content.

The past year had been a year of little to no content. However, I’m proud to have a board of new inspiring writers to write fresh and inspiring content for the blog. Expect this year to be a year filled with content to the brim, but please to be patient for the first few months in preparation! We can’t expect the writers to churn 50000 ideas per second and to write them in a minute.

The Third? The site management.

I can admit, I haven’t been a good site admin for the short time I’ve been placed in charge of the site. At first I took content and simply threw them onto the site simply because that was what I was told to do. From then I’ve setup a goal and a bold vision for the site. I hope to never let our readers down again.

The fourth? Social Media

A proposal had been written recently and were still awaiting response from the management on our use of social media. Stay Tuned!

It doesn’t matter how many or few people read this blog, We all appreciate the feedback we have received and we hope to not let you down again this year!


Aidan Tan


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