High Schools

There’s no denying that every country in the world has high schools because it’s a fact. Every country has its own sets of principles, mindsets and rules for discipline for their high schools.

The types of schools offered also varies with countries.

For example, in Malaysia there are three different types of high schools available. Government schools that follow the Malaysian syllabus have very affordable fees. Private schools that follow the Singaporean and Malaysian syllabus have reasonable fees. International schools that follow the Cambridge syllabus have expensive fees.

In America, Private and Public schools are offered. The public school is basically like your average American high school with the red lockers, chewing gum under the bleachers and a Mr. /Mrs. Smith.

At least that’s what movies tell us.

Private schools are available, however, for a price. Nevertheless, both schools offer very good education. Personally, I think that the Americans have it simpler. But then again, everyone has his or her own opinion.

The countries in Africa also offer two very different types of schools. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and it’s known as the wealthiest province there. However, even though it has its extremely prestigious private schools, in the same area a few kilometers away from the wealth and class, lay other schools.

Those schools have extremely rundown buildings and classrooms with volunteers as teachers. It’s the free public school for poorer people who live in that wealthy city.

These are only schools in 3 different countries/cities. There are still tons of other countries and city with over thousands of schools.

People have opinions on almost everything, including types of high schools and their bad influences. Many think that those in rundown public schools are uncouth and have no etiquette. They also say that people in International or Private schools are snobbish and arrogant.

Who cares what they think? It doesn’t matter.

Not all people in International schools are snobbish and not all students in other schools are uncouth. It just shows that everyone in this world is judgmental without us even knowing. I don’t blame anyone because that after all is human nature.

All the schools in the world, be it in Japan, Hungary, Britain and so on, show cultural diversity. Different traditions and curricular activities, even though different, brings us together.

With the help of Social Media, every school depends on each other to complete our projects without even knowing. We research about different schools in different parts of the world.

All in all, every school is great in its own way.


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