Exam Results: How Did You Do?

By, Venessa Wong It should have been a glorious return to school and friends after the holidays. But, unfortunately, the occasion was marred only by the evil known as ” EXAMINATION RESULTS”. Now some students, quite confident  *cough* smartasses *cough* in their capabilities of scoring high marks, were incredibly keen to get their results, but […]

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MSSD Basketball Competition

By, Jade Wong Though initially rather nervous that he could not keep up with the standards of the basketballers from the opponent Sri KDU team during the MSSD Basketball competition, our very own member of the basketball team, Brandon Lee soon found that both rivaling schools were on similar levels in terms of skill and […]

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Speaker’s Corner?

By Nicole Chan   The Debate Team has proposed to have a speaker’s corner in Nobel International’s very own school grounds for the new term. Should this proposal be approved, the school foyer will allow for open-air, public speaking and expressions of opinions from everyone and anyone of all ages. The only rule, is that […]

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Trekking in the- Sky High

By, Isabelle Wong. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ― Dolly Parton The Year 9s went on a fieldtrip to Skytrex very recently. I’ve also been on the trip and let me tell you this, it was hella’ fun! Definitely one of the best […]

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